Who are Bartholomew the Adventurer, Orville Wellington Mouse, and The Translucent Boy?


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The Translucent Boy and the Girl Who Saw Him

Odo Whitley is translucent, human frosted glass, eyes peering through him, never at him. His achingly lonely existence is upended when a strange girl with flaming orange hair passes him a cryptic note in science class, sending the two unlikely new friends on an interdimensional quest for a mysterious lost doll.

With help from the enigmatic man in the gray hat, a huge yellow octopus from Plindor, a lovely old brainless dead lady, and their new boss at the Serendipity Salvage Company, Odo Whitley and Sephie Crumb must travel to the terrifying world of Atroxia and find the doll before it falls into the hands of the murderous children of Sensus.

Five Star Reviews for The Translucent Boy from Readers’ Favorite:

Jack Magnus says: “The Translucent Boy and the Girl Who Saw Him is a wise and ineffably lovely coming of age tale that comes complete with vast galaxies, alien beings and a tasty helping of metaphysics as dessert. Watching Odo become complete, as it were, on becoming visible to Sephie is moving and unforgettable; following the two as they set off on amazing, terrifying and exhilarating adventures is an unforgettable experience. Odo and Sephie are marvelous characters; their interactions and their coming of age are joys to behold. Hoffman’s story is gorgeously written and a dream to read. Hoffman deftly toys with infinite possibilities and orchestrates the most amazing stories. Once again, he’s surprised and delighted me. The Translucent Boy and the Girl Who Saw Him is most highly recommended.”  

Joel Dennstedt says: “A tantalizing talent that Tom Hoffman has exhibited in all his prior books, but which comes to exquisite culmination in his latest creation, The Translucent Boy and the Girl Who Saw Him, is the ability to ignite and inflame a reader’s most deeply seated and joyful curiosity. Within the first few chapters of this brilliantly engaging book, one is enraptured by a strange and provocative mystery that makes the reader wriggle with rapt anticipation: Who are these likable but apparently ruthless scientists who would experiment on a pregnant woman? How can the consequence be a translucent, not transparent (let’s be clear about that) boy child? Why is this boy being monitored and prophetically triggered by seemingly random encounters with decidedly unusual people? And most of all, who is this sweet young girl, apparently telepathic, who actually sees the boy, not through him, and wants to be his only friend?

So, maybe think of The Translucent Boy and the Girl Who Saw Him as your personal ticket to amazement and adventure, for Tom Hoffman will indeed amaze you as surely as P.T. Barnum when you follow Odo and Sephie (the Boy and the Girl) on an adventure worthy of a billion worlds, literally, as they foray first to Plindor, where yellow octopi are the norm. Okay, this is not a book made for easy distillation or concise description. Filled with magic, science, metaphysical realities (a Hoffman hallmark, to be sure) and lots of Hoffmanian romantic and self-deprecating humor, you may be certain to encounter this: amazement aplenty, and entertainment served up large. Sit back and prepare to be delighted. Oh yeah, the kids should like it too.”

Reviewed By K.C. Finn • 5 Stars  “This was a truly magical adventure that I didn’t want to end. Author Tom Hoffman writes with clarity but with elegance, elevating the young adult form for the whole family to enjoy this magical and deeply involved read. Odo and Sephie’s romantic and spiritual bonds make for a compelling central pairing that you really care about and get invested in, whilst the wider ‘worlds’ of the novel come and go with visceral living colour and intense world building. The Translucent Boy and the Girl Who Saw Him presents a Narnia for the modern age, a new classic that is sure to be enjoyed by all who come across it. I’d highly recommend it for fans of lavish, layered fantasy fiction with conspiracy, suspense and beautiful wordplay.”

Reviewed By A. L. Peevey • 5 Stars  In The Translucent Boy and the Girl Who Saw Him, Tom Hoffman creates a charming tale of otherworldly and imaginative characters and adventures. Odo is an underdog who never stays down for long. He is not given to pessimism. Sephie Crumb with her brilliant orange hair is perfect as his best friend and someone who accepts him for what he is. Hoffman does not let their relationship transform into romance, but the potential is seemingly hinted at by the end of the story. A particularly interesting element of the story is the means to travel between dimensions. With his discovery of his otherworldly roots, Odo begins to find purpose in his life and accepts his peculiarities. While fun is to be had in this story, there is also an optimism in it that is impossible to ignore, helping to make it a worthwhile read. Excellently written story that I enjoyed reading!”

The Bartholomew the Adventurer Trilogy

“An epic that hits all the perfect notes of science, magic, and sweetness.”   Kirkus Review

“An endlessly stimulating sequel that caters to intellectually fearless readers.”   –Kirkus Review

The Bartholomew the Adventurer Trilogy and the Orville Wellington Mouse adventures are multi-leveled stories which have been compared to Chronicles of Narnia, The Hobbit, and Neverending Story. The books have underlying themes of ethics, metaphysics, philosophy, quantum physics, and personal growth. A common theme is the idea that there is no magic, only science we don’t understand. The books were written to provide an alternate way to view the world we live in. To see all life as a single force, all life equally precious, no matter the form. A world where violence is not necessary, a world where the protagonists are changed forever by their difficult choices, by their own sacrifices. A world of empathy, kindness, and love. And of course, ten foot tall ancient robotic rabbits and gigantic carnivorous centipedes living on post apocalyptic planets!

A romping tale of adventure set in the far distant future after humans have vanished from the planet. The protagonist is a self centered rabbit named Bartholomew who sets out in search of a missing object which he is unable to describe or name. Along the way he meets his adventuring companion, Oliver T. Rabbit, a brilliant scientist who also undergoes a deep transformation in the trilogy, coming to understand that there is no magic, only science, whether it’s time travel, parallel dimensions, manifesting physical objects with thoughts, or reincarnation. Their adventures take them to lost cities, parallel universes and other planets, along the way meeting a host of memorable characters including ancient robotic rabbits, the Tree of Eyes, the Singing Monks of Nirriim, the Blue Spectre, and Edmund the Explorer.

All the events in the trilogy are based on known metaphysical phenomena and philosophical beliefs which have been in existence for thousands of years. That being said, The Bartholomew the Adventurer Trilogy can be read and enjoyed by a young person with no knowledge of metaphysics or philosophy. The books are written very simply, but are multileveled, having been compared by readers to Chronicles of Narnia, The Alchemist and The Hobbit.  If you’d like to learn more about the stories behind the stories, just click on “The Real Stories Behind Bartholomew the Adventurer”.


Orville Wellington Mouse Adventures

2016 Gold Medal Winner Best Young Adult Adventure Book
Readers Favorite International Book Award

The Orville Wellington Mouse series is filled with grand adventure, friendship, and humor while retaining the deeper themes of ethics, metaphysics, science, and personal growth. A fun and inspiring read for all ages, Orville Wellington Mouse titles include:

Orville Mouse and the Puzzle of the Clockwork Glowbirds

Orville Wellington Mouse lives with his Mum in the quiet fishing village of Muridaan Falls, Symoca. His life takes an unexpected turn when he learns his best friend Sophia Mouse is not only from another planet, but is also a member of the Shapers Guild, a group of powerful mice who are able to convert their thoughts into physical objects.

When Orville notices a group of seven glowbirds exhibiting rather extraordinary behavior, he and Sophia attempt to uncover the origin of the unusual birds but soon find themselves enmeshed in a fiendish plot to embroil Symoca in a horrific war. Captured by the powerful and mysterious Red Mouse, the two adventurers are hurled through a spectral door into the terrifying world of Periculum, home of the dreaded giant carnivorous centipedes.

With help from the secretive Metaphysical Adventurers, Proto the Rabbiton, the Mad Mouse of Muridaan, a gigantic Gnorli bird, some ghostly Anarkkian warriors, and the enigmatic Monks of the Blue Robe, Orville and Sophia must find their way home and stop the evil Red Mouse before he destroys Symoca.

Orville Mouse and the Puzzle of the Shattered Abacus

Orville Wellington Mouse unwittingly sets off a galaxy shaking chain of events when he buys his mum a lovely birthday necklace from Miraculum’s Fine Antiques. When Orville and his best friend Sophia Mouse observe a small glass marble breaking the laws of physics they set out to discover the cause of its extraordinary behavior, unexpectedly revealing the marble’s astonishing connection to his mum’s new necklace.

The pair of young Metaphysical Adventurers soon find themselves in a desperate race to prevent time from stopping in their galaxy. With help from their good friend Proto the Rabbiton, Master Marloh of the Metaphysical Adventurers, the Mad Mouse of Muridaan, Ollo the Rock Mouse, Myrmac the Brave, the King of Ants, the Shrieking Terror of Tatuid, and Captain Patcher of the Dragonfly Squadron, Orville and Sophia must travel to the terrifying apocalyptic planet of Varmoran to discover the incredible truth that lies within the mysterious blue marble.

Orville Mouse and the Puzzle of the Capricious Shadows

When Orville Mouse rescues an errant windblown hat on his way to work, he soon discovers the hat’s shadow is not behaving as it should be. While attempting to discover the cause of this curious phenomenon, Orville and his best friend Sophia Mouse uncover a terrifying secret, soon finding themselves in a desperate race to prevent the imminent destruction of uncountable parallel worlds.

With help from their old friend Proto the Rabbiton, mysterious Madam Molly, a wistful robotic curator named Copo, a pair of gigantic vacationing insects, a ghostly engineer, the vaporous Others, and the simmering Forest of Thorns, the two stalwart adventurers must retrace the journey of a centuries old explorer named Haukesworth Mouse to the lost world of Tectar and a terrifying confrontation with Mendacium the Dark Wizard in the dank and dismal dungeons of infamous Castle Caligari.

Orville Mouse and the Puzzle of the Last Metaphonium

When Orville Mouse wakes up from a terrifying nightmare to find a mysterious red book in his bed, he and his best friend Sophia set out to decipher the cryptic manuscript, convinced the book is connected to the disappearance of Orville’s neighbor, Aislin Mouse. Their quest takes them to the lost city of Cathne where an astonishing turn of events catapults the adventurers into a desperate interdimensional race to save Aislin.

Accompanied by their old friend Proto the Rabbiton, Orville and Sophia enter the bewildering and terrifying world of Elysian in search of Aislin Mouse. With help from a beautiful ghost mouse, Orville’s cantankerous neighbor Ebenezer, Puella the Wise One, crusty old Captain Tobias, an austere monk named Brother Solus, dreamy Madam Beasley, and Charon the Ferrymouse, the stalwart adventurers must uncover the secret of the last Metaphonium and confront the horrific burning charcoal stick creature known only as the Shadow King.

Orville Mouse and the Puzzle of the Sagacious Sapling 

Orville’s terrifying dream of being cooked in a stewpot by ferocious purple birds marks the beginning of an extraordinary quest to prevent Muridaan Falls from disappearing into the past. In the midst of the worst winter storm in memory, Orville and Sophia must discover the connection between two ancient Mintarian rings, a gold pocket watch that runs backwards, and an extraordinary tree that Orville claims to have seen.

Orville, Sophia, and Proto journey to the unsettling Plane of Turris where a startling truth is revealed, redirecting the intrepid Metaphysical Adventurers to the sweltering prehistoric jungle world of Ferus.  With help from Science Guild Master Lybis, mysterious Madam Molly, the enigmatic Watcher, ferocious Captain Beaky, amazing Amanda Mouse, the angry ghost of Captain Ryle, and Squeaky the RoboPup, they must stop the Great Thaumatarian Time Wave before Muridaan Falls becomes history.