Changing the world

Here’s a thought about changing the world just by being who you are. I have never been involved in a violent crime. Ever. So…. wherever I have been for the last 64 years there have been no violent crimes. Hmmm…. The metaphysical aspect of that is this… when I was young I named the area that surrounded me my sphere of reality. When you go to the movies with a friend, your sphere of realities are merged and very similar, but not identical, and each one has an effect on the other, depending on the nature of the friend you’re with. You get the idea. I think just being what we are has a far greater effect on the world than we think it does. When I was in my 30s I remembered an incident from when I was four or five years old.  I was sitting on a gravel road looking at stones. I looked at one stone and made up a history for it. It involved Indians and dinosaurs — the only ancient stuff I knew about at that age. Then I carefully moved the stone about an inch. Now I was part of the stone’s history. So. Thirty years later I’m walking along with a friend of mine who felt as though he was contributing nothing to the world, changing nothing. I told him the stone story and said, “What are you doing right now?” As it happens we were walking on a gravel path, and as he walked he was kicking stones all over the place. Without realizing he was now part of each stone’s history. Same thing with people. We have no idea how much we are changing the world just in our day to day apparently mundane activities.