Five star Reviews for The Seventh Medallion

Here are excerpts from the first two Readers’ Choice reviews for The Seventh Medallion.  So far so good! The book will be available for download on October 30.

Five star review of The Seventh Medallion from Readers’ Favorite

“Having read Tom Hoffman’s first book from the Bartholomew the Adventurer Trilogy, I was reminded how fascinating this series is. Book Three from the series, The Seventh Medallion, continues to emanate this quality. Hoffman provides a wonderfully constructed arc in the plot, be it character development or the balance between humor, adventure or idealistic viewpoint, all delivered with flawless prose as expected. Both readers who are new to this series or who have followed it since Book I would definitely enjoy it, for Hoffman has provided enough to keep anyone engaged. On the whole, another irresistible read from the series.”

Five star review of The Seventh Medallion from Readers’ Favorite

“I was alternately reminded of Star Wars and Star Trek as well as tales from Norse, Greek, and Indian mythology. There is a very metaphysical side to The Seventh Medallion, but it doesn’t get in the way of the sheer fun and adventure of Bartholomew, Edward the Rabbiton, Hoppy the grasshopper, Thunder, Lightning, Clara, Oliver T. Rabbit, and a host of other colorful and delightful characters as they set out to save the people they care about and the entire universe as well. The Seventh Medallion is a wonderful and magical tale which will delight generations of readers for years to come. Tom Hoffman has created a classic.”

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