A quote from Orville Mouse

This is from Orville Mouse (2nd edit).  I got this idea right after my cat Watson died, my pal for 21 years.
“In the center of dark and overwhelming grief lies a radiant star of pure love. Your tears have proven to me that we were not mistaken about you. You are true, and that is all that can be asked of any mouse.”   – The Thirteenth Monk

The Shrinking Bird

I’ve found over the years it’s usually the simplest things which are the most puzzling. The idea of objects getting smaller as they move away from you is quite fascinating to me. Now, suppose a good friend and I have our cell phones on and I can see him a hundred yards away. A bird flies past me and towards him. I say, “Hey, check out that bird who’s getting smaller and smaller.” Of course he replies, “I believe you are quite mistaken, sir, that bird is getting larger and larger.” And the bird replies, “What’s up with humans? I’m the same size I always was.” I know, Einstein and relativity, but still… if we can’t even be sure about the size of a bird, what does that say about our ability to observe the universe as it truly is? I’m a firm believer that nothing is what it seems to be.