Reviews in for Sagacious Sapling!

Here are some highlights from the first four editorial reviews on Orville Mouse and the Puzzle of the Sagacious Sapling. All four reviews were 5 stars!

Reviewed By Melinda Hills for Readers’ Favorite
Another wonderful book from this author. I am thrilled at how well Tom Hoffman incorporates science and language skills into the story, as well as encouraging children to be accepting and kind to others. Fabulous descriptions, incredible adventure sequences, strong support for the values of a good education, and being a friend to others are only part of what makes Orville Mouse and the Puzzle of the Sagacious Sapling such a wonderful book. Tom Hoffman does a magnificent job in portraying the depth and breadth of science at work in the world around us, and constantly yet subtly encourages the acceptance of others that may be different. As Book 5 in the series, it would be a good idea to read the others first so that you have a complete understanding of the references that are made throughout this volume, but reading all of the Orville Wellington Mouse Adventure stories is certainly a great idea for plenty of reading fun.

Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite
Orville and Sophia’s friendship is a joy to revel in, and their growing closeness never seems to preclude their shared penchant for joking, teasing and making sure neither one of them gets too full of themselves. Hoffman’s fondness for his Metaphysical Adventurers shines out on every page, and his delight in their companionship is quite infectious. As I began reading, I soon felt as though I had come home again and was hoping, along with Proto, that an adventure was indeed afoot. Hoffman transcends genres with his Orville and Bartholomew Rabbit series. While undeniably cracking good epic fantasy, there’s a vibrant strain of steam punk, metaphysics, high-tech science fiction and good old-fashioned adventure running through each of his books, and this one is no exception. I loved the time traveling aspect of the story as well as Proto’s well-measured insights into sentience and awareness of self.

Proto comes into his own most wonderfully in this book. Watching as he becomes friend and mentor to Leaf is an awe-inspiring thing. I’m most definitely looking forward to Hoffman’s next book. While this is the last in his Orville Mouse series, I don’t doubt for one moment that Orville, Sophia, Proto and Leaf are out there looking for puzzles, finding fearsome monsters for Proto to delight over and indulging in snapberry pie and tasty little cakes. Those adventures don’t end, even if the series has drawn to a close. Orville Mouse and the Puzzle of the Sagacious Sapling is exciting, fast-paced and a lot of fun to read. It’s most highly recommended.

Reviewed By Joel Dennstedt for Readers’ Favorite
No need to reveal the plot line of Orville Mouse and the Puzzle of the Sagacious Sapling. Tom Hoffman’s uniquely appealing creation, mighty but fearful Orville, declares it precisely: “Let’s go save the universe.” What does need mentioning is the incredibly satisfying and stimulating camaraderie of Hoffman’s characters as they band together to fulfill – against some mighty intimidating and powerful odds – such an infinitely important mission. What holds readers glued to Hoffman’s books and keeps them coming back for more is the deeply human warmth and friendship shared between such small but courageous creatures. In the end, it is these friendships based on love and humor that assure our grand crusaders’ ultimate success. And, along the way, generous allotments of subtle wisdom and tasty snapberry pies for me. Er … for us, the appreciative readers.

Reviewed By Grant Leishman for Readers’ Favorite
Orville Mouse and the Puzzle of the Sagacious Sapling is my first foray into the work of Tom Hoffman and indeed his fantasy world of Orville Mouse. This book is the fifth adventure involving these characters and although it is not necessary to have read the previous books, it is always an advantage, I feel, to read a series in order. As a reader, once you get your head around the idea that this story is a fantasy adventure and indeed the two main characters are actually mice, the characters, their foibles and traits very definitely do grow on you. Orville and Sophia are truly sweet and adorable characters, but much of the humour and enjoyment I derived from the story came from the two offbeat characters; Proto (a robot of sorts) and of course, Leaf, the Sagacious Sapling. I loved the way they analysed Orville’s jokes and tried to replicate the humour themselves. The idea of logical thinking, programmed machines beginning to adapt and understand humour, while not novel, was definitely intriguing.

Hoffman has probably targeted the Orville Wellington Mouse sagas at the Young Adult market, but to be perfectly honest, I would suggest there is nothing in this book that would preclude it from being read at a younger age and also by older readers. It is a good, old-fashioned, swashbuckling adventure tale, whose two protagonists just happen to be a couple of mice. It is an excellent read and I would definitely recommend it.

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