Who writes about mystical rabbits??

I’m a 10 year old boy cleverly disguised as a 66 year old grandpa. Although sometimes I feel 10,000 years old. Since I was a child I have been trying to understand who we are and what this place is. I remember asking my mother when I was small, not “what time is it?”, but “what is time?” Needless to say she didn’t have a suitable answer. I wound up getting a degree in psychology from Georgetown University, then eight years later went to art school. I’ve lived in Alaska since 1973 and have been a graphic designer and artist since 1980, working for ad agencies and freelancing. I’ve done extensive dream analysis, lucid dreaming, meditation, etc and have experienced many and varied paranormal events, including OBEs, poltergeists, precognitive and retrocognitive events, etc. The actual event was never of great interest to me, but what did interest me was the underlying systems which allowed the events to occur. The events are fleeting, the system beneath them is not. I never treated the events like a trip to Disneyland. I never fell into the trap of thinking I was special or would gain any earthly power from them.  Psychic abilities are a byproduct of connecting to your inner self.  It is a room you pass through on the way to somewhere else.  Some people get trapped in that room.  I also saw it as a learning process and not entertainment. All I needed was one OBE to know consciousness can exist outside the body. Or one lucid dream to know there can be other worlds based in thought that feel more real than this one.  In all the years I was doing this I only got scared twice. But those are two stories for another day. If you would like to know more about the paranormal events I have experienced click on “The Real Stories behind Bartholomew the Adventurer and Orville Mouse”.

At some point I wrote and illustrated a picture book called The Secret Voice of Bartholomew Rabbit, about a rabbit who goes in search of a missing something and winds up finding his inner voice. Once it was completed I thought, that would make a great novel. Then I thought, that would make a great trilogy. The complete Bartholomew the Adventurer Trilogy is now available on Amazon. The trilogy follows the very adventurous evolution of Bartholomew Rabbit from a silly self-absorbed rabbit to a fully awakened and enlightened being. One of the key points of the story is that there’s really no magic. It’s all physics, whether it’s time travel, parallel dimensions, manifesting physical objects with thoughts, reincarnation, etc. As you have probably heard before, magic is simply science we don’t understand yet. Many of the events in the Bartholomew the Adventurer trilogy are “loosely based” on events I have experienced. The book is of course far more dramatic and entertaining, but it’s an enjoyable way to introduce people to some very complex concepts.  The book is written very simply but on many levels. There’s nothing wrong with planting a few seeds along the way.

Well, that’s my story, and as Bartholomew Rabbit once said, “Every atom, every molecule, and every bouncing marble is exactly where it should be at every moment in time.”

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