These are some of the illustrations I’ve done over the years.  Almost all of them I did for my own enjoyment.  I seldom told any of my graphic design clients I could draw. If I did it for a living it would quickly become a task rather than a joy.  A number of these I did for my grandchildren as illustrations for stories about a mouse and a frog which I told to my kids and then later to my grandchildren.  Every ten years or so I get the urge and paint a landscape in oils. The Chubby Salmon was a logo for a beer and burger joint near Denli National Park in Alaska.  You’ll also recognize a few characters from Bartholomew the Adventurer, including Parfello and the Skeezle Brothers.  I’ve also done countless cartoons of my cat Watson, including several animations on YouTube.

Secret Voice cover 2D color.JPGD color.JPGA.JPGDCF 1.0L colorD color.JPGwatson chefAjax Helicopter lores  Chubby Salmon logo LO-RESAjax and Clyde Treehouse   bird & caterpillarFrog and Mouse Train      Kayaking

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